The Board

The Board is the governing body of the Society. It controls and directs ARMS’ business, including its committees and determines its promotion, policies, strategic planning and progress towards achievement of its mission and goals.

The new Board members took up their roles after the 2017 Annual General Meeting on 27 September 2017.

Dr Campbell Thomson



Campbell Thomson.jpg

   Director of the Office of Research Enterprise at the University of Western Australia 







The President of the Society shall be the Chair of the Board and has overall responsibility for:

  • The delivery of the ARMS Strategic Plan 2020;
  • Business development initiatives for the Society;
  • Serve as the official spokesperson for the Society;
  • Stakeholder engagement for the Society; 
  • Chairing of Board Meetings;
  • Member of the Accreditation Council; chairing the Annual General Meeting of the Society;
  • Conducting Induction interviews with new Board members; and 
  • Ensuring that the Executive fulfils its legal obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and Associations Incorporation Reform Act (Vic) 2012.


Dr Marina Delpin


Marina Delpin.jpg









 The Secretary shall have the responsibility for:

  • Calling (and attending) meetings of ARMS, including preparing notices of a meeting and of the business to be conducted at the meeting in consultation with the President of ARMS;
  • Keeping minutes of each meeting including minutes of the Annual General Meeting;
  • Keeping copies of all correspondence of other documents relating to the Society;
  • Assisting the Executive in carrying out its legal obligations; and 
  • Coordination of legal advice relating to the consitution.


Connie Mogg


Mogg C.jpg

 Manager: Research and Revenue Accounting Services
 Monash University







The Treasurer shall have responsibility for:

  • Maintaining accurate and current records and an audit trail of all accounts maintained by the Society;
  • Financial accountability including planning and budgeting in accordance with the ARMS 2020 Strategic Plan;
  • Advising the Executive on financial strategy including preparation of financial reports, both current and forecasts;
  • Attending and participating in all scheduled Executive meetings;
  • Being informed about the Society's mission, governance structure, and programs;
  • Preparation of the Society's Annual Statement and its Annual Financial Statement for endorsement by our membership at the annual AGM; and 
  • Assisting the Executive in carrying out its legal obligations.


Louise Fleck

Committee Member

Louise Fleck.jpgEmail:







Responsible for:

  • The development, promotion and implementation of quality professional development programs, including the Accreditation Program; and 
  • The mentoring scheme and oversight of the professional development awards to serve the professional development needs of ARMS members.


Dr Bryony Wakefield

Committee Member

Bryony Wakefield.png Director, Research Development, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
 The University of Melbourne






 Responsible for: 

  • Board Liaison for the Conferences and Major Events Standing Committee (CMEC)



Ian McIntosh

Committee Member

Ian McIntosh.jpg Associate Director Research Development
 Victoria University of Wellington






Tania Tambiah

Committee Member

Tania Tambiah.jpg Associate Director
 Research Development
 College of Business
 RMIT University






Responsible for: 

  •  Overseeing the implementation of the ARMS 2020 Strategic Plan
  •  Board Liaison for the Member Services Committee (MSC)