The International Committee

  The members of the International Committee are:

  • Convenor:  Ms Tania Tambiah, Senior Manager, Research Development, RMIT University.
  • Dr Simon Kerr, Private.
  • Ms Sianna Panagiotopoulos, Manager, Office for Research, Austin LifeSciences. 
  • Mr Ian McMahon, Research Management Consultant, Canberra.
  • Dr Caroline Pratt, Research Manager, The Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University. 
  • Professor Moira Clay, Principal, Moira Clay Consulting.
  • Ms Julie Ward, International Research Manager, Research Partnerships Unit, UNSW Australia.
  • Dr Adrian Collins, University of Melbourne.

The International Committee develops ARMS' international linkages and fosters members' awareness of international developments. It has the leading role in the Society's linkages and networks in foreign countries; ensures that annual meetings, educational programs and ARMS publications contain international content; and encourages members to share best practices from Australasia with peers internationally. Email the Convenor:

Terms of reference helps identify the responsibilities of the chapters and committees such as reporting requirements and clarifies various issues such as membership.