Research Funders SIG

August 15, 2018

SIG Objectives

Funding organisations play a key part in the management of research. While funders vary in size and objectives, from a funder perspective, research management has its own unique challenges different from those operating in a research administering organisation. The funder/sponsor SIG will offer a platform for research managers and administrators within funding organisations to: a) share information on grant program development, governance and internal procedures; b) discuss key issues; and c) to identify relevant training and career development opportunities that would enhance the ARMS accredited training offerings. 


Survey Results

Thanks to all who participated in the ARMS Research Funders SIG Survey, in mid- 2018. 46 members responded and it’s interesting to see the issues that are top of mind for funders. Over the next few months, we’ll be putting together a program of activity for the SIG, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to contact us on (with the SIG name in the subject line). 


What issues are important to your funding organisation or funding program? (% frequency of responses)

Developing a grants program


Models of peer review


Leveraging, overlaps and synergies across funders


Accountability to stakeholders


Managing underperforming grantees


How to be nimble AND accountable

Managing conflicts of interest  41

Other (incl process and systems efficiencies, knowledge translation and impact assessment, post-award monitoring and contracts, improving application quality, new funding models)












Key Contacts

Dr Jane Hobson, Cancer Council NSW, (SIG Co-Convenor)

Ms Merrilyn Lárusson, CSIRO, (SIG Co-Convenor)

Ms Janice Besch - NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research