Special Interest Groups

The Australasian Research Management Society has a range of Special Interest Groups. These groups are based on particular topics and consist of members with common areas of training or interest within the general field of research management and research administration.

To join a SIG, login in to your member profile through the ARMS website and click on 'My Groups'. You will find the list of SIGs and networks, tick the group you wish to join, then click 'Update' at the bottom of the page. You will automatically become a part of the selected group, unless the SIG is by invitation only.

If you are not an ARMS member please register to become an ARMS member either through your Corporate Membership or as and Individual Member through the ARMS Registration web page. For more details on the types of ARMS membership please visit the ARMS Membership Types web page.

Ethics and Research Integrity SIG

The Ethics and Research Integrity Special Interest Group:

  • takes interest in ethics issues such as understanding research ethics codes and legislation in Australasia, and improving the process of  ethical approval at the institutional level;
  • provides a forum for current information and discussions on export controls and how developments and changes in legislation impact on research administration and management.

Leaders of the SIG are Ted Rohr of UNSW Australia and Karolyn White from Macquarie University. To contact the leaders please email arms_ethics@researchmanagement.org.au.

ARMS members are invited to join the Ethics & Research Integrity SIG via their member profile accessible through the ARMS website. Members can then take part in peer discussions, share resources and news items and participate in bench marking amongst institutions.

For more information and how to become involved in the SIG please email arms@researchmanagement.org.au.

Directors of Higher Degree Research SIG

The Directors of Higher Degree Research group is a professional network for Directors and Managers of Graduate Research Centres and Schools or those responsible for the management of research degrees in their university. 

The Convenor of this SIG is Lucy Jones from UNSW. To contact the Convenor email arms_hdrdirectors@researchmanagement.org.au.

Please note: Acceptance to this SIG is by invitation only.

Read more details on the Directors of Higher Degree Research SIG.

International Research Collaborations SIG

The International Research Collaborations group facilitates information sharing through various means including a forum and other professional development activities.

For enquiries, please contact arms_coo@researchmanagement.org.au

Research Finance Managers SIG (New)

In these fiscally challenging times, the financial management of research funding has become a specialized function to many organisations.  The scrutiny on the expenditure of funds, and compliance requirements from funding bodies has significantly increased. In light of this, a Research Finance Managers Special Interest Group will be a platform for information sharing on best practice.

The Convenor of this new SIG is Connie Mogg from Monash University.

To contact the Convenor please email arms_researchfinance@researchmanagement.org.au

Read more details on the Research Finance Managers SIG.

Research Funders SIG (New)

Funding organisations vary in size and objectives; but they all play a key part in the research and innovation landscape and they encounter some unique research management challenges. The Research Funders’ SIG will be a platform to share information on developing and managing funding schemes; to benchmark best practice governance and procedures; to discuss key issues; and to identify relevant training and career development opportunities that would enhance the ARMS accredited training offerings.

The Co-Convenors of this new SIG are Jane Hobson, Cancer Council NSW and Merrilyn Lárusson from CSIRO.

To contact the Convenors please email arms_researchfunders@researchmanagement.org.au

Read more details on the Research Funders SIG.

Research Development SIG

The Research Development SIG was established following the identification of this new and emerging role for professional staff within the Australasian research management sector.

The RD SIG welcomes new members.

For more information and how to become involved in this SIG please email admin_officer@researchmanagement.org.au

Read more details on the Research Development SIG.

Research Information and Reporting SIG

The Research Information and Reporting SIG was formed to promote the dissemination and institutional collaboration for members working in this area and is defined by the common interest area of research information management, research performance indicators and reporting, and the systems that underpin these processes.

The Convenor is Michelle Duryea from Edith Cowan University. To contact the Convenor, email arms_rir@researchmanagement.org.au

Read more details on the Research Information and Reporting Special Interest Group.

Research Directors SIG

The Research Directors Special Interest Group is dedicated to supporting research Directors working in the field. 

The Co-Convenors of the SIG are Donna Hannan from Victoria University, Melbourne and Sharon Martin from the University of Wollongong.

To contact the Convenors please email arms_director@researchmanagement.org.au

Please note: Membership of this SIG is by invitation only.

Read more details on the Research Directors SIG.

Research Impact SIG (New)

The Research Impact Special Interest Group (RI-SIG) has been set up to provide support for research managers involved in supporting researchers to maximise the impact of their research.

The RI-SIG welcomes new members.

The Co-Convenors are Faith Welch, University of Auckland, and Tamika Heiden, Knowledge Translation Australia.

For more information and how to become involved in this SIG please email arms_researchimpact@researchmanagement.org.au

Read more details on the Research Impact SIG.