ARMS Elections 2015

July 2, 2015

Positions Available

Nominations close 5pm AEST 13 August 2015

The Society is now calling for nominations from its members to serve as Office Bearers and Committee Members for four (4) positions which will become vacant after the Annual General Meeting of the Society in October.  The vacant positions are: Committee Member (3 Positions) and Treasurer (1 Position).

Committee Member(3 positions) – This role is responsible for ensuring that the Society’s mission and goals under the 2020 Strategic Plan are being achieved; acting as Convenors, either lead or deputy, for the Society’s Standing Committees as approved by the President; attending and participating in all scheduled face-to-face and teleconference meetings of the ARMS Executive; and assisting the ARMS Executive in carrying out its legal obligations. The committee member is appointed for a two year term and will not need to seek re-election for the second year of her/his appointment.

Treasurer (1 position) - The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Maintaining accurate and current records and an audit trail of all accounts maintained by the Society;
  • Financial accountability including planning and budgeting in accordance with the ARMS 2020 Strategic Plan;
  • Advising the Executive on financial strategy including preparation of financial reports,  both current and forecasts;
  • Attending and participating in all scheduled ARMS Executive meetings;
  • Being informed about the Society’s mission, governance structure, and programs;
  • Preparation of the Society’s Annual Statement and its Annual Financial Statement for endorsement by our membership at the annual AGM; and
  • Assisting the Executive in carrying out its legal obligations.

To find out more, please review Supplementary Notes for the 2015 Election ProcessNomination forms are to be submitted to the ARMS Secretariat, Megan Ogier by cob 5 PM, 13 August 2015 to email