Review of ARMS Secretariat Services

January 8, 2016


With the implementation of the new ARMS website and user management platform, many of the secretariat functions have now either been integrated into the website and member’s portal or are undertaken by the ARMS Executive Office. Therefore, it was deemed by the Executive that the secretariat services outsourced to the Sydney based company, The Association Specialists (TAS) will no longer be required, and our agreement with TAS will now cease.
Please be advised that from the 9th of January, all email and telephone enquiries are now to be directed to the ARMS Executive Office as follows:  
Maria Zollo
ARMS Chief Operating Officer
Telephone:  +61 8 8201 2525 or +61 402 418 973

Tracey Kelly
ARMS Administrative Officer
Telephone:  + 61 8 8201 5592
Mailing Address:
Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS)
ARMS Executive Office
C/O Flinders University, Research Services Office
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001
The Society would like to take this opportunity to thank Francis Child, Managing Director of TAS and his team for providing the much needed administrative underpinning, especially in the formative years of the Society.