ACT Accreditation

2019 ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Modules

ACT Chapter Proposed Timetable

Date Time Module Location Registration
 4 June AM  1.1-Aus: National Research and Innovation System in Australia Canberra Early 2019
 4 June PM  1.2-Aus: Legislation as it affects research in Australia Canberra Early 2019
 5 June AM  5.1: Research Information and Analytics Canberra Early 2019
 5 June PM  2.1: Pre-award Grants processes Canberra Early 2019
 6 June AM  2.2: Post-award processes Canberra Early 2019
 NHMRC Seminar PM  1.3: Understanding Research and Researchers Canberra Mid 2019
 NHMRC Seminar AM  2.3: Research Finance Canberra Mid 2019
 NHMRC Seminar PM  6.1: Working with Industry Canberra Mid 2019


Please note: Modules and dates are currently proposed only and subject to change. Please click here to view the ARMS Cancellation Policy.

Registration is expected to be available via the member’s portal in early 2019. An announcement email will be sent to members when registration opens.

March 8, 2016