ARMS-NCURA Fellowship Program



Special Note for Intending Applicants

Intending applicants are not required to negotiate a host institution at the initial application stage.  Instead, all that is required is a clear idea of what type of professional development activity you wish to engage in and the host institution you would like to visit from amongst NCURA Host Institutions provided.   


About the ARMS-NCURA Fellowship Program

The ARMS-NCURA Fellowship Program is a joint initiative between the two organisations and is intended to reduce barriers to global research administration and create an administrative environment conducive to global research collaboration. There is an ever increasing amount of global research collaboration and ARMS and NCURA hope this Program will create a pool of individuals who are able to build the research enterprise on the international front. For example, this may be in the area of interpreting a multitude of various sponsor requirements and assist their institution with international administrative compliance – from application submission through financial reporting and closeout. Or it may involve gaining knowledge on how to strategically identify and build international collaboration teams.


The Fellowship program has two underlying objectives:

  1. training of research administrators; and
  2. enhancing global research collaboration.


The program will provide an opportunity for ARMS members to travel to an NCURA host institution in the USA where they will immerse themselves in a program of mutual learning and knowledge exchange.


Fellows are expected to impart their experiences and knowledge of how research management operates at their institution, identify best practices at and local knowledge of the host institution, and to respect all appropriate organizational rules and cultural practices. Fellows will also be asked to present at chapter and national conferences.


For 2017, ARMS will support up to 3 fellowships with an award of AUD$2,000 each to contribute towards travel costs. It is expected that additional costs will be borne by the Fellow or the Fellow’s institution.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum 5 years of experience in research administration.
  2. Demonstrated active contribution to research management as a profession.
  3. Institutional support as demonstrated by a Letter of Commitment from the applicant’s institutional leadership.
  4. Credentials and the ability to travel to the USA within the Fellowship period.
  5. Commitment to disseminate knowledge and experience gained from the Fellowship within the profession, for example to Chapter meetings, by publication, or at the ARMS conference.


Selection Criteria

  1. A well-developed proposal that clearly defines the learning opportunity and learning outcomes, as it relates to the host institution/s.
  2. A clear articulation of career benefit from the proposed international engagement experience. Applicants need to outline how they will apply the knowledge gained to their research management activities in the future.
  3. Evidence of contribution to the body of knowledge of research management:
    1. Publications on research administration authored or co-authored;
    2. Presentations at workshops or conference on topics related to research administration; and/or
    3. Contribution to professional development offerings relevant to the profession (in-house, ARMS, other providers).
  4. Active membership of professional organisations related to research administration.
  5. A well-developed knowledge dissemination plan.


Application Process


Award Information

  • Time Period for the Fellowship: between Jan 2017 – Dec 2017.
  • Length of the Fellowship: minimum 2 weeks. Term to be negotiated with your host institution post award of fellowship.
  • Number of Awards: up to 3.
  • Funding Amount: AUD$2,000.