Mr Mark Hochman

Senior Advisor Research Policy & Strategy, Office of the DVC Research

University of Tasmania


Mark Hochman cropped.jpg

Mark Hochman has been in research management for more than 25 years including a period of 20 years as a manager and director of the Research and Innovation Services Office at the University of South Australia. He currently occupies the position of Senior Advisor: Research Policy and Strategy at the University of Tasmania on a part time basis and consults in research management/policy/strategy implementation for the remainder of his time. This latter position has afforded a unique opportunity to observe the research management environment within more than 12 universities in the last three years.
Mark occupied the position of Program Manager for the national ATN/G08 Excellence in Innovation for Australia (EIA) research impact trial in 2012 and has a similar position overseeing implementation of the Australasian Research Management Society’s (ARMS) national program of accreditation for research managers and administrators.

Mark is a past president of ARMS and is currently a Board Member and President of the International Section of the US based Society of Research Administrators International (SRA).He has an extensive record of presenting on research management issues at national (ARMS) and international conferences (INORMS and SRA) as well as presenting in-house research management training courses. Mark’s has “lived” research management leadership and is uniquely qualified to speak on pragmatic, implementable solutions to the issues facing research managers in today’s challenging environment

Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
The National Research and Innovation System in Australia
Legislation as it affects research in Australia
Research Integrity
Understanding Research and Researchers