Ms Tania Tambiah

Associate Director, Research Development, College of Business

RMIT University


Tania Tambiah.jpg

Tania Tambiah is the Associate Director for Research Development at the College of Business at RMIT University. Prior to this she held positions of Team Leader, Grants Management Office, University of NSW, and Research Manager, Faculty of Business, University of Technology, Sydney. Tania’s research management and training experience spans nearly 20 years, and has primarily focused on formulating strategy, designing process and management frameworks, creating infrastructure, developing support systems and networks, and building professional research management teams.

Professionally, Tania is deeply committed to enhancing, advancing and promoting research management and its specialists across the sector. Tania joined ARMS in 2003, and has been involved with the organisation in various capacities. She is currently the Co-Convenor of the VIC/TAS Chapter Executive and a Member of the 2014 ARMS Conference Programs Committee. She was part of the successful bid to host the 2016 International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Congress in Melbourne, and is an inaugural member of its Conference Organising & Programs Committees. She is also a member of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) and the Society of Research Administrators (SRA) International.

Tania co-facilitated and co-authored the ARMS Accreditation Program: Foundation Level Module on Research Funding Administration (Pre-Award).
Tania looks forward to continuing her participation in and contribution to ARMS and the profession.


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
Understanding Research and Researchers
Pre-Award Grants Processes