Jodi Clyde-Smith

Jodi Clyde-Smith
Deputy Director, Office of Sponsored Research
University of Queensland

Jodi Clyde-Smith is an experienced research management professional, having worked across five Universities in Australia and the UK since award of her PhD in 2002. Having returned to Queensland after her role as Executive Director (Research Operations) at the University of Tasmania, she has recently been appointed as Deputy Director at UQ's Office of Sponsored Research. Jodi's experiences span the full spectrum of the research enterprise, from research funding (pre- and post-award), research ethics and integrity, infrastructure, graduate research, research performance and analysis and research marketing and communications. As she has been the Deputy Director of large research institutes, Jodi is also very familiar with the conduct of research at the local level and the management and operations of complex organisations.

Jodi is passionate about the research management profession, perceiving it as a partnership between the academic and professional enterprise to deliver the very best research in order to push back the frontiers of knowledge for the betterment of our world and our society. She has committed to this passion, working tirelessly with the research community to secure competitive research funding and building her teams so that they fulfil their potential and become leaders in the research management position. Her teams have won awards for excellence in service and in innovation, reflecting her commitment to developing staff and empowering the research agenda.

As a past ARMS Board member, Jodi was responsible for supporting the development of a stand-alone Tasmanian Chapter of ARMS, in developing the inaugural strategic plan, including risk and government, and has since continued to contribute to ARMS through assessment of the Foundation Level accreditation program.