Jodieann Dawe

Jodieann Dawe
Director, Research Development and Support
Flinders University

I am accomplished Director with significant experience with not-for-profit membership organisations, at both the national and international level. With over 20 years of experience within R&D and innovation environments at Director and Executive Levels, I believe I am able to provide significant knowledge and proficiency in a wide range of topics that are often encountered within the profession of research management and administration.

I can demonstrate a strong track record of success leading and delivering strategic directions at the Board level in complex and dynamic environments. I have received feedback from peers that I am a valued strategic contributor in board discussions and in my ability to provide considered and contemporary advice in financial analysis, governance and productivity in NFP organisations. Through my various directorships I have been able to enhance the financial and non-financial viability and productivity of organisations and I have actively advanced and facilitated the implementation of an organisational culture of continuous improvement and engagement to achieve excellence and maximise delivery to the members. As a practising Company Secretary, I am able to provide a wealth of knowledge in commercial governance, legal compliance and board policy development. My strong technical and innovation background and experience in research management, knowledge exchange and impact of research, provide me with unique opportunities to contribute effectively to Board decisions. 

In addition to my NED directorships, I am an experienced Senior Executive of high performing, industry focussed, research and innovation organisations. I have a wealth of experience in all facets in research management developed in a wide range of industries (including water, minerals and resources, primary industries and defence) and organisations (member organisations, Higher Education, private sector and Government). In my executive roles I have consistently demonstrated my high level capability in providing strategic development for research organisations, research management, transformational change management, governance, financial stewardship and stakeholder engagement. 

In my previous role as inaugural CEO/Executive Director/Company Secretary of Water Research Australia, I led the transition from the CRC Water Quality and Treatment to member-driven, self-funded public company, which is regarded as a leading and visionary research innovation broker for the Australian Water industry in the area of public health. Under my stewardship, within five years, the WaterRA research portfolio grew from <$500K to over $35M, and membership expanded to >50 corporate members. I was recognised for my innovative approach and contributions to the research sector, as a finalist in the Women in Innovation Awards.






I am currently the Director, Research Development and Support at Flinders University and oversee a high performing team of research management professionals that delivery services to the Flinders research community ranging from research development, pre and post award support, research contracting, ethics, research analytics and impact and commercialisation. During my two years in this role, to ensure I maintain contemporary knowledge in national and international research management challenges and opportunities, I have actively participated in a range of ARMS hosted activities including ARMS Director SIG; INORMS (2018); SRAI/ARMS Conference (2019); ARMS/Praxis Auril UK Study Tour (2019) and ARMS Conference Organising Committee (2019). In addition, I am passionate about continuing professional development and encourage my staff to undertake both ARMS CPD and attend our internal research sharing forums – Learning Lunchtimes.

In addition to my career experience I have postgraduate qualifications in Master of Business Administration, Master of Applied Science (Chemistry) and Graduate Diploma in Finance Securities and Corporate Law, which are complemented by successful completion of the Company Director’s Course (AICD) and Certificate in Governance Practice (GIA).