NSW AEN 2015 Seminar Day

December 22, 2016

Australasian Ethics Network NSW Seminar Day

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Out In The Field: Issues For Researchers And Ethics Committees

Australasian Ethics Network NSW Seminar Day

23 November 2015, Macquarie University


New South Wales members of the Australasian Ethics Network (AEN) organised an ethics training day at Macquarie University on 23 November 2015. The theme of this training day was “Out in the field” and explored the ethical challenges researchers face in the field, with a particular focus on using social media. The program also explored how ethics committees could better support researchers and was supplemented with panel discussions to stimulate exchange of experiences among the 130 attendees, including human ethics committee members, ethics administrators and managers, and researchers.

Most of the content of the conference was recorded on video thanks to financial support from ARMS and its Ethics & Research Integrity Special Interest Group. Links to the videos are integrated into the program below. Please feel free to circulate the videos amongst your ethics committees and researchers and include in your institutional ethics training as needed.


9.30am Welcome: Dr Karolyn White, Chair AEN Advisory Group and Co-convenor, ARMS Ethics & Research Integrity Special Interest Group

Session 1: Out in the Field

Associate Professor Rita Shackel, The University of Sydney: Academic and NGO Relationships: Navigating Human Research Ethics in the Development Context. Video 32 min.

Professor Catherine Lumby, Macquarie University: Ethics, Field Work and ‘The Young People Sex, Love and Media Project’. Video 24 min.

Associate Professor Greg Downey, Macquarie University: Physical Risks and Fieldwork. Video 21 min.

Facilitated Panel Discussion: Questions to the above presentations and exploring case studies. Not recorded.

Session 2: Social Media Research

Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson, University of Wollongong: Social Media and Indigenous Research. Video 22 min.

Dr Fiona Gill, The University of Sydney: Social Media Research and Moral Panic. Video 24 min.

Dr Bridianne O’Dea, UNSW Australia: Social Media Research and Ethics Committees. Video 27 min.

Panel Discussions

Adaptive Design and Marketing Risk. Video 11 min.

Duty of Care and Social Media Research. Video 5 min.

Coercion in Field Research. Video 2 min.

Moral Panic and Social Media. Video 8 min.

4pm Close: Dr Karolyn White, Chair AEN Advisory Group and Co-convenor, ARMS Ethics & Research Integrity Special Interest Group


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