Research Information and Reporting SIG

Research Information and Reporting SIG

This SIG was originally established as the ‘Research Information Management Systems Special Interest Group’ following a session held at the 2013 ARMS Conference in Adelaide. The agreed scope of the SIG was defined around the common interest area of systems and the related processes and procedures. This was explained further as follows:

Most of the ARMS members’ systems share very similar needs and requirements in terms of data and information capture and management. As a result, many have implemented or are in the process of obtaining comparable software applications and systems to assist in the management of this information in a consistent way. The SIG will promote the dissemination and institutional collaboration for members with the aim of providing:

  • A forum for those professional staff within ARMS involved in research information management systems and information management to discuss new system features, technical developments, issues, innovations to reduce duplication;    
  • Enable partnering of institutions for knowledge transfer and assistance when institutions are installing/upgrading research information management systems:  
  • A mechanism for members to discuss the strategic usage of the information gathered and the reporting opportunities available;
  • Act as a conduit for issue identification across institutions with potential for multi-institutional requests for development to the relevant research information management organization;
  • Where appropriate, work with software and data providers on requirements and shared visions; and
  • Enable knowledge transfer, potential professional development opportunities and create a network of ARMS members with an interest in research information management systems.

A meeting of the SIG was convened at the 2017 ARMS Conference in Wellington to reassess the role of the SIG and its future. Outcomes of the discussion included:

  • Historical dependency on a singular Convenor has impeded SIG activities.  Support for a core convening group to coordinate any future activities.
  • Other specialised sub-groups have been active:     
    • ERA/EI Google Group
    • Bibliometricians Network
    • ORCID Australian Consortium Advisory Group
  • Current focus on “systems” is limiting and doesn’t work even when institutions utilize the same system given different modules of the product may be implemented and configurations widely vary.
  • Support for continuing the SIG under a revised, broader remit with individual streams of activity.
  • Topics should align with those covered within the ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program Module 5.1 - Research Information and Analytics which has a greater focus on research information and reporting;
  • Opportunities to be more engaged with funders and vendors (systems and citations databases) etc.  

It was therefore agreed that the SIG should be retitled as ‘Research Information and Reporting’ with a revised scope in alignment with the major themes included within the Accreditation Program Module, namely:

  • The international, national and institutional contexts which drive the requirements to collect, process, manage and analyse research information;
  • The theory behind and basic principles of relational database systems and the management of research information systems;
  • The reporting requirements and the principles of evidence-based policy;
  • Research performance indicators and research drivers in the context of research evaluation and assessment; and
  • That research data increasingly underpins all aspects of the research domain.

The name change was endorsed by the ARMS Board on 13 December 2017.

RIR SIG Convening Committee Members

  • Adam Finch, CSIRO
  • Elizabeth Przywolnik, Curtin University
  • Gary Long, Western Sydney University
  • Jeremy Gibson, Queensland University of Technology
  • Joseph Toltz, University of Sydney
  • Judy Alexander, University of Newcastle
  • Justin Shearer, University of Melbourne
  • Michelle Duryea, Edith Cowan University (Convenor)
  • Peter Barnard, Southern Cross University
  • Raimond Placidi, Federation University
  • Sian Wright, Monash University
  • Stephen Hannan, Western Sydney University

To contact the SIG Convenor, please email with the SIG name in the subject line.