ARMS Professional Level Accreditation Program

February 20, 2018

Call for Cohort Moderator



Proposals close:  MONDAY THE 19TH OF MARCH 2018

The ARMS Professional Accreditation Program is now entering its third year and applications for the next cohort are now available.  Visit the website for details.
As part its remit to provide quality assurance for the programs ARMS delivers, the Accreditation Council recently reviewed feedback about the Professional Level Accreditation Program and has recommended a number of refinements to enable continuous, high quality delivery.   One of the key recommendations has been to modify the on-going group learning activity element of the program, which forms the basis for this call.

Call for Tender for Work Package 3 – Cohort Moderator

A key element of Work Package 3 will be the coordination of on-going group learning activities. The Cohort Moderator will facilitate group discussion so that all members of the cohort contribute to the group learning activity by ensuring that the group remains focussed on the topic under discussion and promoting lively and interactive discussion. These group discussion activities will continue for several months and it is important that the Cohort Moderator is able to develop a cohort approach for all participants.
The Cohort Moderator will require good listening and communication skills and be able to provoke lively debate by asking open ended, relevant questions, encouraging participant to contribute to discussions and generally enhancing participant’s understanding of the selected topic(s) under discussion.
Proposals are invited from individuals that have an excellent understanding of the research management profession, national and international research policy and the content areas likely to form the basis for workplace assignments.
It is preferable that the Cohort Moderator has had extensive experience in a senior research management role.
Applicants wishing to bid for Work Package 3 – Cohort Moderator are advised to review the detailed tender document and complete a proposal form  and provide supporting documentation which addresses all nominated criteria and submit to the ARMS Chief Operating Officer, Ms Maria Zollo  by 5.00pm Australian Eastern Summer Standard Time by 19 March 2018.