Strategic Plan Survey

February 15, 2018


An Invitation to contribute to the future Strategic Direction of ARMS

The Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) was founded in 1999 and has achieved significant growth in the ensuing period, including:

  • Establishment of nine active Chapters across three countries;
  • A number of standing committees, special interest groups, various affiliations and partnerships;
  • A website and member’s portal;
  • An annual flagship conference and other major events;
  • Introduction of accreditation programmes; and
  • Employment of an Executive office to service the operational requirements of the Society.

In 2016, the ARMS Board set as its priority to review the 2020 Strategic Plan. It recommended that a revised plan be established for a shorter period of 2016-2018 as a means of consolidating our strategic priorities and achievements and to investigate new strategic priorities in support of our mission.  The 2016-2018 revised plan was intended to shape the programmes we deliver, the services we provide and the management of our business and finances to continue to grow a sustainable, successful society.

The ARMS Board, at its December 2017 meeting, agreed that the next iteration of the Strategic Plan should be set for a longer period of up to 7 years, i.e. 2019-2025.  The Board also agreed to the following schedule of activity in the development of this new Plan:





16 Feb 2018

Disseminate member/stakeholder survey.

Survey seeking feedback on strategic priorities of ARMS based on the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. 

Four week response period.

6-7 March 2018

President’s Stakeholder Roadshow

President to seek feedback from key stakeholders; feedback to be incorporated in revised strategic plan

By 16 April 2018

Engage Directors SIG, Standing Committee Convenors and Accreditation Council for input in the revised strategic plan

 Up to 3 week feedback period.

30 April 2018

4-6  week feedback period for survey


7 May 2018

ARMS Board to review feedback from the survey


By 31 May 2018

Prepare first draft of strategic plan and implementation plan for consideration by the Board at its June meeting


28 June 2018

Review and refine strategic plan (including implementation plan) for discussion at June Board meeting. 

 The 2019-2025 strategic plan is to include an implementation plan with KPIs to enable measuring and monitoring of progress for period 2019-2025.

By early August 2018

Draft Strategic Plan 2019-2025

Convenors of each Standing Committee to provide input

10 August 2018

ARMS Board Teleconference


26-28 September

Deliver new strategic plan at AGM



Conference –Presentation/launch on new Strategic Plan.

 At ARMS Hobart conference.


Our invitation

The ARMS Board is very committed to providing high quality member benefits. In line with our commitment for continuous improvement, we are looking to redefine our strategic priorities for 2019-2025 and invite our members to contribute to this discussion via a survey. 

I encourage all members to complete this survey because your feedback and opinions are important to us. The survey is on-line (click here to take the survey), and should take around 20 minutes to complete. The survey has been extended until 30 March 2018.

Should you have any concerns or questions about this survey, please feel free to contact ARMS COO, Maria Zollo,


Dr Campbell Thomson

ARMS President