Chapter Establishment

July 17, 2015

Tasmanian Chapter of ARMS

The ARMS Executive recently approved plans to develop a new Chapter in Tasmania which will become the 9th Chapter in the ARMS community. Although Tasmania has been included in a combined Victoria and Tasmania Chapter, it was felt that Tasmanian ARMS members would be better served with their own Chapter. The Tasmanian Chapter will be funded separately from the Victorian Chapter for 2015/16 financial year, and will become a full Chapter upon meeting the minimum thresholds for new chapters. The Tasmanian ARMS members are to be congratulated on their commitment and energy for pushing this new initiative. The Chapter will be convened by Adele Kay from the University of Tasmania, email

Operations of the Victorian Chapter will not be affected and will continue to be convened by Jayamini Illesinghe from Monash University and Suzanna Kovacevic from RMIT University.