Mr Alistair Duncan

July 28, 2017

Deputy Director (Rankings and Performance)

La Trobe University

Alistair Duncan is Deputy Director (Rankings and Performance) in the Research Office at La Trobe University. He leads the Research Performance team, which is responsible for research performance analysis and reporting, managing the University’s research management and information systems, advising on research strategy and planning, and ensuring the success of the University’s rankings strategy. He has held a key leadership role in the transformation of the University’s Research Office and the University’s growth in research investment and research performance.


Alistair joined La Trobe in July 2013 from a range of institutional planning and performance roles at the University of Melbourne, including international benchmarking and rankings, strategic and business planning, quality review, student experience reporting and improvement, and the development of cases for major infrastructure projects capital funding cases. His academic background is in literary studies. 


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
Research Data and Analytics