Dr Boris Sarcevic

April 24, 2018

Senior Advisor, Research Development

Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute (La Trobe University)

Boris.jpgDr Boris Sarcevic is experienced in research management and strategies, procedures and guidelines for maximizing research success. My role involves working across the university with numerous stakeholders to develop and implement research strategies, provide support and achieve impact. In particular, I work closely with researchers in developing competitive research proposals. This involves presenting relevant seminars, providing writing guides, developing robust internal review processes and reading applications to provide feedback.

My research management skills are built on my former career as medical research scientist in cancer biology, leading research groups in Australia and the US.  I have successfully led research teams, including postdoctoral scientists and research assistants, supervised PhD students to completion obtained grants of several million dollars from major national and international funding bodies. I have reviewed grants and fellowships for numerous funding bodies and have worked for several years on National Health and Medical Research Council grant review panels to assess and rank grants for funding. This background has provided me with detailed insight and a breadth of experience in all aspects of research, augmenting my current research management role.