Ms Nikki Lengkeek

July 28, 2017

Research Manager, Faculty of Law

University of Technology, Sydney

I joined the Faculty of Law, as Research Manager, UTS in July 2018. Prior to this I was with the WSU Research Engagement, Development and Innovation Office (REDI), as the Manager, Grants and Researcher Development. I have over 20 years’ experience at Western Sydney University and UNSW in research development and management with a focus area in the social sciences, education, arts and humanities. I have worked in central research offices covering pre- and post-award, contracts and ethics as well as managed two Research Centres and worked in Schools at the coalface of research development, so I bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to my current role. I hold a Masters in Teaching Secondary (UWS), a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies (UNSW) and a Bachelor Arts Honours (Government and Public Administration) (USYD). I have also worked for 3 years as an English teacher in secondary high schools. I am a voracious reader of literary fiction, theatre goer, love the outdoors and am passionate about my garden of native plants. I have travelled widely through Asia and Europe and worked for several years in Denmark with my family.


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
Understanding Research and Researchers
Pre-Award Grants Processes