Ms Shubhra Aurita Roy

July 28, 2017

Funded Research Manager

University of Canberra

Ms Shubhra Aurita Roy has been in research management for more than a decade, and is currently the Funded Research Manager, at the University of Canberra. She is responsible for managing end to end operational management of research, research policy and managing relationships with funding bodies and government. She has been successful in strengthening the service element of research administration in University of Canberra and in creating the scaffold for its transition from a teaching intensive institution to a thriving young research university. Prior to working at University of Canberra, Shubhra has worked at Intel Corporation, managing university, government and industry relationships for Intel Research Labs, including technology transfer, influencing government policy and enabling research engagement. She believes that academia and industry have much to offer each other in terms of best practices and sees ARMS as a highly efficacious platform for research administrators to share their knowledge in an increasingly global environment. Shubhra actively presents papers and seminars on research administration, leadership and management globally.

She is also an active community worker and is Secretary of Initiatives for Women in Need (IWiN) that focuses on women's issues, such as health and domestic violence.


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
National Research and Innovation System in Australia
Legislation as it affects research in Australia
Understanding Research and Researchers
Pre-Award Grants Processes
Post-Award Processes
Research Finance
Working with Industry