Dr Mark Hochman

Director: Research Management Resources Pty Ltd. (research management consultant)

Business Consultant, ARMS

ARMS Training Fellow Dr Mark HochmanMark Hochman gained a PhD in science (geology) in 1991 and has been in research management for more than 25 years including a period of 20 years as Director of the Research and Innovation Services Office at the University of South Australia. He is a foundation member of the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) and served on the ARMS Executive for six years, including a period as President in 2007/2008.


Mark currently works as a consultant in research management including development of research impact strategies, research strategy reviews and process improvement. As a consultant he has been Program Manager overseeing development of an accreditation program for ARMS which provides the foundation level learning and skills for those who are new in the research management profession. He also acted as Program Manager for a 2012 national pilot program in Australia examining the case study approach to assessing research impact. Since 2011 he has worked with 20 Australian universities conducting research management reviews of Research Offices, research policies and strategies. In 2014 Mark was awarded the inaugural Janet-Dibb-Leigh Award for distinguished service to the Australasian research management community.


Mark sees the need to develop collaboration between international research management societies and has helped organize tours for senior Australian research managers to the UK in 2015 and 2017 around the topic of research impact, and a further tour to the West Coast of the USA in 2017 on the theme of industry engagement. He has presented on research management and leadership topics in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Singapore, the UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Europe. More recently he has been one of the co-chairs of the inaugural ARMS/SRAI meeting on Disruptive Trends in Research Management, held in Hawaii, March, 2019.


Mark is a Past-President of the US based SRAI International Section and is an At-Large Board member of the Board of Directors. He is an SRAI Distinguished Faculty and was presented with the Hartford-Nicholsen Award in 2015. Mark is a co-chair of the SRAI Education and Professional Development Committee and is past chair of SRAI’s Governance Committee.

Mark understands the specific needs of senior research administrators and managers and has run successful programs on building effective Research Offices and leadership development for research managers. His goal is not just to impart knowledge and experiences but to equip research managers to effectively fulfill their roles and gain satisfaction from a job "well done!".


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
National Research and Innovation System in Australia
Legislation as it affects research in Australia
Understanding Research and Researchers
Research Integrity 
Pre-Award Grant Processes
Post-Award Processes
Working with Industry