Ian McMahon




Dr Ian McMahon has been in research management for more than 25 years including as Director, Research at the Group of Eight working on  research policy issues and advocacy on a wide range of issues including research budget initiatives, research infrastructure, research integrity and ethics, research performance, ERA, full costs of research, research data collections and research funding.  In addition the Position required building relationships with Government Departments and agencies responsible for research and research funding.

Ian was Director, Research Services at the Australian National University for 15 years, an Office responsible for Grants Support and Development, Research Integrity, Commercialisation, Research Policy and Management Support and the support of research management systems.  Prior to working at ANU he worked in research and science policy in Commonwealth Government Departments for Education, Science and Industry.   

Ian’s background has provided him with a broad sector perspective and well as an extensive understanding of policy issues affecting university research.

Ian is a past president of ARMS  with an extensive record of presenting on research management issues at conferences as well as presenting in-house research management training courses. 


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
The National Research and Innovation System in Australia