Mr Alan Hales

Manager Research Integrity Unit

The University of Newcastle

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Alan Hales holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Newcastle and a Master of Management from Macquarie University.  Alan joined the University of Newcastle Research Division as a Senior Graduate Studies Officer in 2001 before being seconded as an Executive Officer to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) in 2007.  Alan was recognised with a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for General Staff Excellence in 2009 for the development of a suite of policy documents that complied with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.  Alan moved to Research Services in the same year and was successful in gaining a position as the Manager of the Research Integrity Unit when the unit was formed in 2011.  Since gaining this position Alan has been responsible for human and animal ethics processes and is a senior advisor to the Human Research Ethics Committee and the Animal Care and Ethics Committee.  Alan is also responsible for research integrity and is a senior advisor to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) in research integrity matters.




Authorised by the Accreditation to present:
Research Ethics - human and animal
Research Integrity