Ted Rohr

Director, Research Ethics & Compliance Support

University of New South Wales

Ted Rohr.JPG

 Dr Ted Rohr is the Director Research Ethics & Compliance Support at the University of New South Wales where he is responsible for developing effective frameworks for human ethics, animal ethics, gene technology and radiation safety. He has held senior positions at other Australian universities, with significant experience in implementing the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and responsibility for initial investigations of allegations research misconduct. Ted comes with a strong academic as well as research background which he still pursues, mainly in the areas of threatened species research and animal colouration. He is the founder and co-leader of the ARMS Ethics & Research Integrity Special Interest Group and member of the ARMS Executive.

Ted is keen to shape a platform where research administrators share their experiences and support to enable high-quality research and enable national and international collaborations in an increasingly global environment. Ted is actively presenting papers and seminars on research integrity and ethics both nationally and internationally.


Authorised by the Accreditation Council to present:
Research Ethics - human and animal
Research Integrity