The Submission: a Comedy - Research Administrators Day
Theatre near Cafe Mizuna 1A21
University of Canberra
Bruce, ACT 2601
Wednesday, 26th of September 2018
Start Time
3:00 pm
Finish Time
4:00 pm

To celebrate Research Administrator Day 2018, ARMS ACT Chapter is pleased to announce a very special event to mark the trials of research administrators who are subject to and grapple with new submissions and reporting requirements every day. We will look at the current climate of submission tongue in cheek through a play.


The Submission: a Comedy

Against the backdrop of a new assessment exercise, panic sets in as a research administrator struggles to meet the deadline, a forgetful minister confronts the issue of leaving a legacy, and an agency in chaos grapples with the complexity of the colossus they have created.

Whether you are a research administrator, an academic engaging with administrators, or a policy maker, this rollicking comedy will show you the impact of government agenda on university administration in a way you have never seen before.

The play is being held at the Theatre near Cafe Mizuna 1A21, University of Canberra Bruce, ACT 2601, on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 3pm to 4pm. You will need to register for this free event.

Please come and join us for this event and by all means pass on this invitation to anyone who is up for a bit of fun.

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