What’s the alternative? Research opportunities outside the hallowed halls
CSIRO, Entrance 4, Building 1, Seminar Room
Waite Road
Urrbrae, SA 5064
Wednesday, 16th of October 2019
Start Time
4:00 pm
Finish Time
5:30 pm

What’s the alternative? Research opportunities outside the hallowed halls

The classic research career trajectory is often seen as running from PhD to postdoc, junior faculty member and eventually tenured professor. Project funding comes from universities and competitive government grants. Yet only a small percentage of PhD students can expect to end up in a tenured university position, and business outspends government on R&D by a factor of five to one.

In this presentation, Dr James Tickner will discuss research-focussed careers outside of the university sector, and opportunities for funding projects in collaboration with business and industry. The talk will cover the similarities and differences between research in academia and the outside world, and the pros and cons of making the transition from university. He will also share experiences of launching, growing and working for a science-based start-up business.

Brief biography

James started his research career as a particle physicist in the UK, before moving to Australia shortly after completing his D.Phil. He spent nearly twenty years with the CSIRO, designing and building X-ray and nuclear-based instrumentation for mining and security applications. In 2017, he helped launch a new start-up company, Chrysos Corporation, developing technology that uses X-rays to measure gold and other metals in rocks and ore samples.

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